2021 Community Work and Event Days


Come and join us to experience joy, fun, spirituality, satisfaction and laughs all while getting your hands (a little) dirty! 

DWG Tour

Saturday - April 24th 3:00-4:30

1) We will have our beverage/farm stand open from 11:00 - 3:00 on this Saturday and then do a tour right after.  Please come early to sample some kombucha and then we will start the tour promptly @ 3:00.

2) Bring a mask as we will be planning to follow all COVID safety precautions.  Our current guest has a lot of health issues so we are being very careful. But this warmer weather will allow us to do a lot of the conversation outside.

3) As always all are welcome so bring anyone you would like.

Community Harvesting Days

Saturday September - TBD

Come and join us for the one of our harvesting days this Fall. Experience the joy, fun, spirituality, great food of a community planting and work day. Come for any time. An awesome lunch will be served at noon. All are welcome to get their hands dirty, smile, laugh, and be filled! Harvesters will get to take home free veggies!


9:00 Start time

12:30 Amazing lunch

4:00 Quitting time and tours for people interested in a tour

Local Food Party and Hog Butcher

Saturday October 31st

What is this?
It is a family-friendly event to learn about the art of hog butchering and share in community, food, fun, and learning.
This is the butcher day with education as well. During this day, people with experience will typically butcher for most of the day while people who are new will watch the demonstrations. Everyone is encouraged to participate as they feel comfortable.
Please note that we do not have people watch the hog actually being killed. We do this privately as it is a very serious and solemn part of the process.

Email/call us for more information.


9:00 Start time

12:30 Amazing Lunch

6:00 Potluck Local Foods Dinner

7:30 Music and Fun