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Life is a journey and this is who we hope to be

We live in community working, praying and playing together, sharing in the joys and struggles of a life lived with purpose.

We welcome the stranger by providing hospitality to people in the Lake City area who need a place to stay. We are not a homeless shelter as we welcome people as if they were part of our family and community. We have a room on the main floor of the house to do this.

Our long term vision is to provide employment for our guests and the underemployed neighbors whose lives are intertwined with ours. This is happening through our current business but we are looking to expand soon. If you are interested in helping us in this venture financially, please click here.

We feed the hungry by growing food for the Lake City Food Shelf and our produce stand, and daily by feeding the guests who are living with us through the hospitality we provide.

We strive to live a life of justice by learning from witnesses to our faith. We named our house after Franz and Franziska Jagerstatter (Franz pictured left) who were farmers in Austria. Franz refused to fight in the Nazi army and was put to death because of this belief. We obtained permission from Franziska to name our house after them before she passed away.

We stand against all forms of injustice and militarism!

We are moving towards perennial agriculture as the most just and sustainable method of food production.

We bring a spirit of joy to all of the work that we do and welcome others to join in this important work.

We visit the sick by going to the local nursing home to spend time with those living there.

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