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Amazingly Delicious & Super Healthy Pork...

Comes from our humanely raised hogs!

Why purchase a half hog from us?

Amazing Taste

You cannot get pork like this in the store. The roasts and chops are super juicy. With bacon and ham so flavorful your friends will beg you to have them over for breakfast. What they eat affects how taste so the apples, acorns, and fresh pasture they eat makes the meat superb!

Healthier Pork

✓ Antibiotic and hormone free
✓ The main fat in lard—oleic acid—is a monounsaturated fat responsible for lowering LDL levels while leaving HDL ("good") cholesterol levels alone.
✓ Pastured pork contains more vitamins

Know How Your Food is Raised

Not all food and animals are raised the same way. Our methods are 100% transparent. You can come to our farm to see our methods and ask us any question. You can feel really good with every bite knowing that your food was ethically raised with integrity.

Humanely Raised

Our pigs are raised on pasture and have access to fresh air, sun, and forage year round. We were awarded a grant from the Food Animal Concerns Trust to support our humane methods. We were one of the few farms chosen nationwide to receive this grant.

Locally Butchered

Our pigs are butchered at Huettl’s Butcher Shop in Lake City, only six miles from us. We have seen their methods and appreciate how they handle the animals right up to the end. In addition, you get to choose how you want the meat processed.

Great Price and Value

You get 85-110 lbs of incredible pork. You pay $3.60/lb for the hanging weight plus about $100 for processing. This includes the pork chops, sausage, ribs, fat, hocks, neckbones, etc... Even the bacon, which we can’t keep in stock @ $8.50/lb.

Contact us today to reserve your half hog!

Home Phone: 651-345-3149

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